Rad Physics for Vet Students

By demand of the veterinary students at Auburn University College of Veterinary medicine, my lecture series “Rad Physics for Vet Students” is now available online.

There are seven lectures in this series. All of the principles necessary to understand how an x-ray machine works, how to obtain a radiograph, common mistakes encountered during radiography, and radiation protection for the veterinarian are covered.

This lecture series is different from all other basic radiology physics courses in that it is presented in classic “dummies” fashion. You will find these lecture notes entertaining yet they contain enough detail to be used as a reference source. All of the radiology faculty at Auburn were amazed when students that were not taking this class were actually requesting these physics notes.

Please note: I have no affiliation with the “for dummies” book series. These lectures were created for purely educational purposes. Likewise they are available solely for personal educational use.

Click on a link below to open a .pdf file for that chapter. These are all PDF files so you must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to view these files. Some of the files are quite large. Therefore they are best downloaded using a high speed connection.

Lecture 1: The different modalities

Lecture 2: The production of X-rays

Lecture 3: The interaction with matter:

Lecture 4: Additional radiographic equipment

Lecture 5: Film

Lecture 6: What are the components of image quality?