Praise and Criticism

Either our readers are passionate or our breed descriptions really piss them off or compel them to tell us they love them. There is no middle ground. We would love to hear from you too. If we use your comment on this page, we will refund the price of your book or download.

Good dog: “I dont know what the heck you are talking about but it is funny and I hate dogs.”

Bad Dog: “You will be sued by the AKC and every breeder on the planet. Good luck with that dumbass.”

Good Dog: “This is the book that every vet, behaviorist, and trainer wanted to write but was afraid for fear of upsetting their clients. Thanks.”

Bad Dog: “I cannot tell if you are an idiot or a genius. It is going to be interesting to see what people say about this book. They are going to love it or hate it. That is for sure.”

Good Dog: “If Jon Stewart wrote a dog atlas it would look something like this.”

Good Dog: “Awesome book.  I read it cover to cover the first night.  I will drop by and leave some good remarks.  I’m still trying to decide if I should put it on the client table at work yet!  What the hell, this book is funny, I don’t care who you are, to quote Larry The Cable Guy.”

Good Dog: “To say your book doesn’t disappoint is an understatement. I gave it to my mother to read first (she is a quick reader with a quick wit and, at 82, has plenty of time to read.) She got through it in record time in spite of calling her dog friends and reading them excerpts, prompting at least one person (with Jerk Russells) to go on line and order during the phone call.”

Good Dog: “We looked at it today too – best dog breed book I’ve ever read!”

Good Dog: “My wife and I have been laughing out loud reading your hilarious book on the wonders of pure breed dogs.  From someone who considers himself incredibly funny, I give you credit for being one of the funniest funnies I know!  Well done, I can only imagine what some breeders think of Breed Freak.”

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