Digital Radiography for the Veterinary Technician

Help make your digital radiography installation a success and educate your technical staff

By Matt Wright DVM MS DACVR

techbookcoverwebsiteUnfortunately, everyone ignores the veterinary technician and it is time to stop the nonsense. Seriously, everyone involved with a digital radiography purchase ignores the fact that a successful digital radiography installation requires the consideration of the veterinary technician. Think about it…the technician will be the one using the system day in and day out, the technician will be interfacing with the teleradiology service, and it is the technician is in charge of getting the machine up and running when things go haywire. How do we expect them to perform their job without giving them the tools to be successful?

The new book from Animal Insides press will give your technical staff all of the tools and background they need to effectively operate and understand veterinary digital radiography.

This book is largely written in the same down to earth, matter of fact, and straightfoward manner you have come to expect from Animal Insides.

Topic include:

  • A window into the veterinarian’s psyche – Understanding the costs associated with digital radiography
  • Basic DICOM for the veterinary technician
  • Grids, collimation, and scatter – what you learned in technician school may not apply
  • Post processing before sending images to PACS
  • Dose creep and radiation safety with digital radiography
  • Using an exposure index for proper exposure every time.

Money Back Guarantee: If this is not the most entertaining and informative book on digital radiography for the veterinary technician you have ever read we will refund your money without question.

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