Three words you never want to hear at a dog park

The three words you never want to hear at a dog park are:

“Be good Fluffy.”

These words almost invariably mean you or your dog is about to be attacked. Usually these words are said in a very calm and reassuring manner while Fluffy completely ignores the dog owner.  It is always interesting to note that the dog owner is looking you in the eyes and not really talking to Fluffy  at all.  This is not surprising as the dog owner is really thinking:

“OMG here we go again. I should not have brought this stupid dog out today. Why does he attack every dog on the street? Why. Why Why. Arrrgh. I am a bad owner. This is all my fault because I never trained him properly and I work all day long and he is cooped up in the house. Maybe this time will be different. Maybe if I say “be good Fluffy” he will listen and not attack that well behaved dog over there. Maybe that other dog owner over there will think I tried to control my dog before it attacks. Why does my dog always have to be the bad egg?  Arrrrgh.”

If you and your pet make it through the dog attack, you will find that the words “Be good Fluffy” are followed by the words:

“I am so sorry. He is usually so friendly.”

Liar. People with good dogs do not need to tell them to be good when other dogs walk by. You know what you did. You know this is not the first time.

If you are ever at the dog park and you hear the words, “Be good Fluffy” remain calm and back away slowly with your dog. Do not run and do not let your dog run. You have been warned.

For additional tips about dog park etiquette, check out this exceptional article titled, “Dog Park Etiquette: Dos and Dont’s from a trainer,” by Casey Lomonaco.

Get the book you silly little freak.