Your dog is a reflection on you and your issues

Truth be told, the original title for the Breedfreak book was “Breedfreak: what your dog breed says about you!” The original concept was something along the lines of a psychological analysis of dog owners and the breeds they pick. For example, if you have insecurity issues, you get a Great Dane. If you have real deep insecurity issues and you need to feel like a tough guy, you get a Pit Bull. If, however, you are emotionally stable and extremely intelligent, you get a Doberman.

Although the book went in a different direction,  we still think dogs are a reflection of their owners (issues)  and there is something to be learned there. If dogs are a reflection on us, then the idiocy that we do to them must be window to our soul.

The clothing we put on our pets must be a barometer of something and Toscarboroughfair deserves some credit for something. Either this person has created a collection of dog and cat headgear that will allow us to let the world know about our love for our animals or they should be vilified for allowing our weirdest and most deep seated issues to manifest themselves on top of our pets heads. What I really want to see is a hockey helmet for the German Shorthair Pointer running around my town.

Isabella Rozendaal takes a look at our original thesis through the lens of a camera in her new book titled, “On Loving Animals: A Visual Study of Affection and Its Extremes.” In the book, Rozendaal photographs “the Dutch and their obsessive, sentimental and sometimes inconsiderate love of animals” as she attempts to capture the bizarre and touching way that humans express their love for their animals. Isabella, I do not have the book (yet) but it looks like you nailed this on on the head.

Who knows -maybe this whole Breedfreak project is a reflection on me and my issues? (sigh)