Australian officials set to start killing Pit Bulls – The Truth About Owning A “Tough Guy” Dog

This week, Australian officials are set to start killing Pit Bulls and other dangerous breeds. “Beginning Friday, authorities will knock on doors in Victoria, seizing and euthanizing any American pit bull terrier — or dog that looks like one — that is not registered as a restricted breed with local officials…In addition to the American pit bull terrier, the restriction in Victoria includes the perro de presa canario, dogo Argentino (Argentinian fighting dog), Japanese tosa and fila Brasileiro (Brazilian fighting dog).”

Yikes – those Aussies get worked up about their dog breeds now don’t they. The problem is that their are misdirecting their smack down. As you can see from this excerpt from Breedfreak, we are no fans of owning a tough guy dog, and owning these dogs is all about testicle management. In our opinion, nobody really needs to own an Argentinian fighting dog unless they have testicles like shriveled apples. Here is that excerpt from Breedfreak titled “The truth about owning a tough guy dog.” 

“Walking down the street with a dog that makes its owner appear tough seems to be a preoccupation for humans who have testicles.  Breeds such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers fall into this category. Rappers and professional athletes may be particularly predisposed to this behavior as they are often seen with tough-guy dogs wearing spiked collars and chains for leashes.  It might be interesting to note that women, largely, do not need or want their pets to make them seem scary or tough.

It might also be interesting to note that the dog you own does not actually make you tough. Owning a tough-guy dog really only serves to makes you look like a person who bought a dog to make you look tough. In most cases, everyone, including the women you are trying to impress (and you are getting one of these breeds to impress the ladies….no?), sees right through your ruse and knows that you are someone who thinks that he is lacking toughness so you bought a dog to make up for your inadequacies. Women are not stupid. Trust me.

Is scaring the people around you with your toughness a good idea anyway? As a testicle owner myself, I agree, it can be fun to see people cower or cross the street when you walk by. However, the enjoyment you receive from scaring people is short-lived and you will eventually find that you cannot get anyone to watch your dog when you are gone, your girlfriend (if you can get one) is terrified of your dog, your vet charges you more to take care of your dog because he has to sedate the dog just to look at it, and on and on.”

This whole slaughter the tough guy dog business, however, has us thinking, are the testicles of Australian officials even more shriveled than the testicles of the Australian tough guy dog owners? Please feel free to drop us a line if you have first hand evidence in this game of Australian testicular machismo as we will never have first hand knowledge.

What we do know, however, is that this is all a very slippery slope. Although we are no fans of “tough guy” dogs, we do not enjoy the prospect of officials regulating dog breeds. If they would like to regulate stupidity,we are  sure they are bigger fish to fry in category of “stupid things people do that should be regulated.”