It’s official: Golden Retrievers and Boxer dogs are cancer factories

Veterinarians are often chastised for the veterinary equivalent of “racial profiling” which we call “breed profiling.” For example, veterinarians presented with an older Golden Retriever who does not want to get up and looks a bit pale immediately go into the “cancer hunt” mode.  This often upsets pet owners who get angry at their veterinarians willingness to spend their money on diagnostics and the veterinarian’s “short sightedness” and “tunnel vision” for not considering other options.

This month veterinarians received some vindication as a new study published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine titled Mortality in North American Dogs from 1984-2004: An investigation into Age-, Size- and Breed-Related Cause of Death proved what we already knew – Golden Retrievers and Boxer dogs are, as they are affectionately called behind closed doors, two of the main “cancer factory breeds.”

Car factories make cars. The factory that makes King Vitaman cereal cranks out tasty morsels of King Vitaman. Cancer factory dog breeds crank out cancer. In fact, in this study 50% of Golden Retrievers and 44% of Boxer dogs died from cancer. That is a rate that is too high for you and your veterinarian to ignore if your dog is sick.

Breedfreak readers, however, have known this all along.  In the health section of the Boxer dog entry we state:

“Where do we start? Cancer, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism. Did we mention cancer? Oh, and how about cancer? And flatulence. Actually, Boxer gas is something that will hurt you more than them. Not much you can do about it except leave the room.”

In the total cost of ownership section of Golden retrievers we say:

“Health problems are so common that they might cost more than the incidentals. The base cost for Golden ownership is $10,000. The inevitable tumor and/or allergy therapy and/or hip replacement will likely run you and extra $10,000 or so. If you get multiple nasty health issues – good luck.”

Does that mean that you should avoid  Golden Retrievers and Boxer dogs altogether? For that answer, you need to buy the full monte or download the Golden Retriever or Boxer minibook.

Get the book you silly little freak!